Registering Your Pet With KCI(Kennel Club Of India)

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About Kennel Club of India (KCI)

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KCI stand for Kennel Club of India, its primary objective is to promote general improvement of Dogs.

It is a professional body that maintains Indian Dog Breed Standard and organizes All India All Breed Championship Dog Shows across the country. The KCI is an ISO 9001- 2000 certified organization and has its head office in Chennai, India.

KCI was founded in 1896 and is affiliated to the Kennel Club London and associated with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Advantages of getting your dog registered with KCI:

1:-You get a dog registration certificated from Kennel club of India confirming breed of the dog.

2:-Your dog gets a microchip which is identification for your dog, very helpful in cracking dog thefts

3:-Puppies of your dog will get KCI registration right from child hood and the pedigree is registered; the registration papers will have the family tree of up to 5 generations of the dog, hence adding value and breed purity certification

4:-Your dog becomes eligible to take part in all the national and international events organized by KCI across country.

For your dog to become KCI registered, you need to take your dog to a nominated judge or KCI nominated expert for the expert opinion the expert gives his opinion about the dog and recommends KCI to register it.

In the KCI registration camp, KCI expert will be available for breed for giving opinion for your dog and Gurgaon Kennel Club will help you process the application to Kennel Club of India.

Procedure of registration:

1:-Please bring your dog to the Camp

2:-Fill KCI registration form (will be available in the camp)

3:-Apply for Indian Kennel Gazette subscription (Mandatory)

4:-3 color photographs of the dog (Photo clicking facility will be available in the camp on paid basis )

5:-KCI expert will give opinion and attest the form.

Gurgaon Kennel Club will send documents to KCI for getting your dog registered.

You will receive your dog’s registration papers by post on the address provided by you in about 2-3 months time.


Revised Table of Fees with effect from 1st July 2014 with Service Tax as applicable Rate in Rs.
Registration of Imported Dog 1124.00
Registration with Unknown Pedigree 450.00
Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 60 Days 712.00
Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 61-120 Days 993.00
Litter registration per puppy within 60 days 450.00
Litter registration per puppy within 61 - 120 days 675.00
Duplicate Registration Certificate 562.00
Transfer of ownership of a Registered Dog 113.00
Registration for Prefix/Affix for life only 3371.00
Subsequent Registration of Prefix/Affix with Partnership 3371.00
Change of Name of a Registered Dog 449.00
Certified Pedigree 4 Generations 449.00
Certified Pedigree 5 Generations 674.00
Export Pedigree 1124.00
Championship Certificate 225.00
Breeder’s Diploma 225.00
IKG Subscription for 1 year 300.00
IKG Subscription for 2 years 550.00

All Payments should be sent by DD/local cheque/MO only made payable to the Kennel Club of India.

All Payments towards IKG subscription and advertisements should be payable to the Indian Kennel Gazzette by DD/local cheque/MO only made payable to the Kennel Club of India.

Advertisements for IKG must be sent on or before 10th of the preceeding month

Send in your registrations directly to KCI and not through brokers and middle men.

All registrations will only be posted to the address given in the application form

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