Pets Burial Services

For many, the experience of grieving the death of a pet can be comparable to the experience of grieving a human's death. And like those mourning a human's death, a bereaved pet owner is also faced with decisions on how to handle the pet's remains.

In case of the loss of your loved ones, we render this respectable disposal services for your pets. We adhere to Humane Code of Ethics and Standards.

Pet owners may also opt to scatter a pet's ashes, perhaps on a peaceful section of Ganga, a forest trail, or at your pet’s favorite spot in the yard.

When scattering a pet's ashes, pet owners should seek a place that the pet enjoyed or a peaceful location where the grieving owner may go when he/she wants to remember the pet, such as a garden planted in memory of the pet. Gardens are especially popular choices, since the pet's ashes are absorbed into the soil; the pet's remains literally give rise to life as the garden's plants grow. We are developing a garden out side the cremation hall for this purpose.

Pets Burial

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